Solemn installation hearing of the new heads of the Belgian Court of Cassation


On 19 April 2024, First President Christophe Soulard was represented by Jean-Paul Jean, Honorary chamber President of the French Cour de cassation and current Secretary General of the AHJUCAF, at the installation in formal sitting of Eric de Formanoir de la Cazerie, the new First President, and Ria Mortier, Prosecutor- General at the Belgian Court of Cassation.

The Prosecutor General of the French Cour de cassation, Rémy Heitz, was represented by Bénédicte Vassallo-Pasquet, First Advocate General of the Third Civil Chamber.

The new First President, Mr de Formanoir de la Cazerie, emphasised priorities such as human resources management and speeding up the processing of appeals. His speech also addressed the need for open dialogue both within the Court and with the international judicial community, underlining Belgium's efforts to make justice more transparent and accessible. The hearing was also an opportunity to hear former First President Beatrijs Deconinck praise her successor's management plan and vision. The event highlighted innovative projects such as the increased use of technology and electronic procedures, underlining the Belgian Court of Cassation's commitment to ongoing modernisation. Ms Ria Mortier also gave a speech at the formal sitting.


The Bâtonnière spoke about the digitisation of legal proceedings.

This bilingual ceremony at the Palais de Justice in Brussels also highlighted the importance of Franco-Belgian relations and international cooperation between the two courts. The notable presence of the French Cour de Cassation was particularly highlighted at the ceremony, reflecting the close ties and active partnership between the two institutions.

Indeed, the French and Belgian Courts of Cassation frequently collaborate bilaterally or within the framework of multilateral networks such as the Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union, the Contact Point Network, the Judicial Network of the European Union, or the AHJUCAF, thus facilitating a fruitful exchange on relevant judicial issues. This cooperation not only makes it possible to share best practices, but also to work on the convergence of case law to enhance predictability and legal certainty at European level.

The presence of President Jean-Paul Jean and First Advocate General Bénédicte Vassallo-Pasquet at the installation of the Belgian heads of court marks a further step in the strengthening of ties between the French and Belgian Courts of cassation. The ongoing exchange and sharing of knowledge between these institutions is essential if we are to meet the contemporary challenges facing the justice system, thereby ensuring that our institutions are better equipped to serve those subject to trial.

The close cooperation and multilateral commitments of these two judicial institutions will continue to play a key role in the evolution of judicial practices across Europe, and support the promotion of civil and continental law.


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