Meeting between the First President and the President of the Federal Court of Justice of Germany


On September 19, 2023, First President Christophe Soulard received the President of the German Federal Court of Justice, Bettina Limperg, at the Cour de cassation, to discuss topics of common interest in the context of enhanced cooperation between the two courts.

The meeting was an opportunity for the First President and President Limperg to underscore their shared wish to maintain the close ties between the two courts and to strengthen exchanges, both through high-level meetings and the organization of technical work groups, on subjects relating to judicial activity and organizational issues.

Discussions at the meeting on September 19, 2023 focused on a number of important issues, such as strengthening the team around the judge through the recruitment of assistant magistrates in Germany and legal assistants at the Cour de cassation.

The meeting also dealt with the admissibility of appeals, the formation and composition of chambers within the courts, and organizational arrangements to encourage fruitful debate between judges during deliberations. It also provided an opportunity to exchange views on methods of drafting judgments.            

In addition, the heads of the courts shared their views on the new challenges facing the supreme jurisdictions: in particular, strengthening confidence in the justice system through better institutional communication, online dissemination of case law and the use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence to facilitate case research and orientation of appeals to chambers.

The discussions between Madam President and the First President were enhanced by input from magistrates and civil servants from both courts. Mr. Rüdiger Pamp, President of Chamber at the Federal Court, and Mrs. Dr. Eva-Maria Derstadt, Judge at the Federal Court, made valuable contributions to the discussions on working methods.  President Sandrine Zientara, Director of Documentation, Studies and Reports (SDER), Judge-referee Edouard Rottier and Guillaume Fradin, Director of the Communications Department, provided clarification on the workings of the SDER, the Open Data project for court decisions and the Court of Cassation's communications strategy.

The heads of the two courts concluded their exchange with the prospect of continuing these exchanges in the near future through work groups of magistrates specializing in technical and substantive law issues.

These rich and lively discussions are in line with the First President's desire to strengthen bilateral exchanges with the courts of neighboring countries, and testify to the high quality of the ties that exist between France and Germany.



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