Mission in Algeria - Support Program to the Justice Sector


In line with the actions undertaken by the Court of cassation in the framework of the Support Program to the Justice Sector in Algeria led by Expertise France, Mr. Patrick Matet, Honorary Dean, went to the Supreme Court of Algeria to exchange with its judges about the drafting of rulings.

This exploratory mission aimed at identifying the needs and at preparing a one-day visit or conference about the improvement and standardisation of rulings at the Supreme Court of Algeria, based on a discussion about the motivation of rulings.

In this framework, Mr. Matet, along with Ms. Bussière, First President and head of the Support Programme, met the president of the Supreme Court, Mr Taher Mamouni, who attended the Solemn Hearing of the Court of cassation in January 2022, the Prosecutor-General, Mr. Mohamed Lamine Bechlaghem, and Ms. Selma Chikhi, judge in charge of the documentation, law and judicial searches department. Several meetings took place with judges from different chambers of the Court in order to discuss about the obligation of motivation, drafting methods, uniformization, standardization and structure of rulings.

During these fruitful exchanges, Mr Matet detailed the different reforms conducted at the Court of cassation regarding the drafting, enriched reasoning and structure of rulings. He discussed the importance of the harmonization of rulings at the supreme courts level. Following the mission, it was recommended to continue the reflection on these topics and enrich it with experience feedback from other European partner courts.

This mission demonstrates the close cooperation between the Court of cassation and the Supreme Court of Algeria. The Court of cassation actively participates in the Support Programme through numerous meetings between experts and focusing on diverse range of topics, such as the digitalization of proceedings and the related prospects of evolution of the registry management.



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