AHJUCAF working meeting in Luxembourg


On 30 June 2023, the Court of Cassation took part in a working meeting at the Supreme Court of justice of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and then at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) as part of the work carried out by the Association des Hautes Juridictions de Cassation ayant en partage l'usage du Français (AHJUCAF), of which the Court of Cassation is vice-president and general secretariat.

Led by the President of the Supreme Court of Benin, Mr Victor Dassi Adossou, President of AHJUCAF, the AHJUCAF delegation was welcomed by Mr Roger Linden, President of the Constitutional Court and President of the Supreme Court of Justice in Luxembourg, and the AHJUCAF correspondent, Ms Théa Harles-Walch, Judge at the Supreme Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

At the meeting, the members discussed the "Ideal Supreme Judicial Court" report and the initial recommendations made by the Secretary General, based on the reflections of Professor Hourquebie. The aim of this project, which was initiated at the Association's Board meeting on 21 October 2022, is to define internationally acknowledged standards for the supreme judicial jurisdiction, without seeking to transpose them directly to the diverse legal and judicial cultures of the AHJUCAF.

The working meeting continued at the CJEU with President Koen Lenaerts, who reiterated his Court's commitment to the French-speaking world and to sharing case law in French.

This very fruitful work is set to continue over the coming months in anticipation of the association's next Board meeting.

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