Annual Board of the AHJUCAF


On October 21st, 2022, First President Christophe Soulard participated in the annual Board of the Association of Supreme Courts of Cassation of French-speaking Countries (AHJUCAF), as the Court of Cassation is the vice-president and general secretary of the Board.

This Board, the governance committee of the association which gathers about fifty judicial supreme courts, is currently chaired by the president of the Supreme Court of Benin, Mr. Victor Dassi Adossou. It is composed of supreme courts’ presidents of eight States sharing the will to promote the French-speaking law model (in addition to the Courts of Cassation of France and the Supreme court of Benin, the Court of Cassation of Lebanon, the Supreme Court of Senegal, the Court of Cassation of Morocco, the Supreme Court of Mali, the Swiss Federal Tribunal, the Supreme Court of Canada).

After a period of health crisis which made meetings difficult, the participants gathered at the Cour de cassation, were delighted to be able to meet in Paris for direct exchanges. The cooperation on the the French-speaking case-law publication, the assessment of the triennial Congress of Cotonou devoted to the techniques of rulings’ reasoning, the thesis prize of the AHJUCAF, the program "fight against corruption" or the elaboration of a project of seminar on History and Justice were on the agenda.

Moreover, the AHJUCAF Board was able to adopt a motion of support for the independence of justice in Lebanon, embodied by Mr. First President Souheil Abboud, former president of AHJUCAF and current vice-president of the association, because of the serious crisis the country is going through.

On this occasion, the First President reaffirmed his attachment to the cooperation of the Court of Cassation with the Supreme Courts of the Francophonie network. He particularly praised the important work carried out by the AHJUCAF, under the impulse of its secretary general, Mr. Jean-Paul Jean, honorary president of chamber, on the stakes of a globalized justice, confronted with regular and worrying questioning.



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