The International Newsletter is online (n°2 - June 2024)


In this new publication, you will find a selection of rulings issued by the Cour de cassation on issues of common interest across borders, as well as a range of legal and institutional educational resources.

In this second issue:

  • A message from Rémy Heitz Prosecutor General at the French Cour de cassation

  • The Prosecutor General’s office in a few words, pictures and numbers

  • Artistic freedom and protection of human dignity
  • Disloyally obtained evidence and its value before the civil judge
  • Post-Brexit application of a rule of UK law adopted in application of a European directive - The Cour de cassation requests a preliminary ruling from the CJEU.
  • Brussels II bis Regulation - Interpretation of Article 16 of the Regulation concerning the date at which a court is deemed to be seized
  • Proceedings for determining the applicable legislation to a worker pursuing an activity in several Member States of the European Union
  • Childbirth allowance and surrogacy  
  • Cattle farming and nuisance in the neighbourhood
  • Freedom of the press and the protection of financial markets
  • Obstruction offences: which employee representative bodies?
  • A psychiatric expertise by videoconference?
  • Concepts of French positive Law

  • The fight against cross-border child abduction

  • A Guide to Enhanced Reasoning for a Ruling

  • International News

  • Network

Clémence Bourillon, Judge and Head of the International Relations Department, presents the International Newsletter n°2

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