International conference in Riga


Illustrating the importance attached by the Cour de cassation to European legal dialogue, First President Christophe Soulard was represented by Honorary Elder judge Patrick Matet at the Riga International Conference on February 29, 2024 in Latvia. This event, organized by the Constitutional Court of Latvia to celebrate two decades of Latvia's membership of the European Union, was entitled "“The Role of the Constitutional Courts in Concretising the Shared Values Uniting Europe”.

The conference provided a forum for addressing crucial issues concerning the synergy between national constitutional identities and European values. Through two round tables - "Reconciling constitutional identities of Member States with the shared European values " and "The European Consensus Shaping European Public Order" - eminent academics, judges and other legal professionals discussed the delicate balance between the constitutional frameworks of individual member states and the collective ethos binding the continent together.

These discussions underlined the need for a common understanding and approach to distinguishing genuine from perceived constitutional identities and values, and resolving conflicts between these identities and European values in a cohesive manner. In addition, the concept of European consensus was explored as a dynamic reflection of the evolution of European values influencing the practical application and scope of fundamental rights across member and non-member states.

The participation of Honorary Elder judge Patrick Matet underlined the Cour de cassation's commitment to fostering dialogue on the convergence of legal principles and practices across Europe. As well as marking an important milestone in Latvia's journey within the EU, the conference set a precedent for future collaborative ventures to strengthen the legal and constitutional foundations of the European Union.

The participation of an honorary Elder judge of the Court of Cassation in this event is in line with the collaboration between Latvia's supreme courts and our Court of Cassation, underlined by shared commitments to upholding democratic values, human rights and the rule of law.

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