Annual Conference of the Association of European Judges for Data Protection 2024


On 5 and 6 January 2024, the Annual Conference and Meeting of the Association of European Data Protection Judges took place at Trier.

The conference provided an overview about Data protection for the Judiciary. The Court of cassation was represented by Mrs Isabelle Goanvic, judge at the Criminal Chamber.

The Association was created in 2021 at Trier. The aim of the association was to create a network of judges from the European Union in the field of Personal Data Protection law.

The Annual Conference and Meeting gathered about forty judges from the European Union State members. It was an opportunity to talk about about their experience on the application of personal data’s dispositions and notably about the General Data Protection Regulation. They also could share analyses of cases they dealt with.

The conference also examined the impact of artificial intelligence on the judge’s work and lawyers. They highlighted the new risks that artificial intelligence could bring in terms of  data’s protection for citizens, litigants and judges.

Mrs Isabelle Goanvic presented the « Open Data » of judicial decisions project. Its purpose is to publish all court decisions except in criminal matters for the moment. To grant litigant’s reidentification and third parties, this mechanism works with self-learning algorithms to pseudonymise decisions. The legal framework and tools developed by the Court of cassation, attracted the interest of the other participating judges, who were keen to learn more about these methods.

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