Meeting between Madam First President and the President of the Supreme Court of Czech Republic


On 6 December 2021, Madam First President welcomed Mr. Petr Angyalossy, President of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic at the Court of cassation to discuss how to strengthen the trust in justice, namely through the ethics of judges, as well as to exchange about technological challenges and the open data of judicial decisions.

In line with the international strategy of the Court of cassation aiming at fostering the dialogue of judges and mutual learning between supreme courts, this meeting allowed the two heads of courts to share their experiences and ongoing works conducted to restore the trust of the public in justice and to address technological issues. Ms Estelle Jond-Necand, judge referee and head of the open data project and Ms Marie Dubuisson, deputy secretary general of the High Council for the Judiciary also attended the meeting.

On this occasion, Madam First President presented the past and ongoing reforms led by the Court of cassation regarding the developed reasoning, the appeals’ processing, and the Commission “Court of cassation 2030”. Madame First President and her Czech counterpart also mentioned the development of communication, including online, as a way to make supreme courts more transparent, more legitimate and more understandable for the public.  

The ethics of judges was also a subject of rich discussions between the two courts, as the Supreme Court of Czech Republic is currently working on a reform of the disciplinary system of judges. In this regard, the heads of courts notably discussed about the French High Council for the Judiciary structure and missions, the ethical rules for the judiciary and the limitations of judges’ secondary activities.

This high-level meeting could be followed by new cooperation projects between experts of the two courts, in order to further develop specific topics of common interest, such as communication or the pseudonymization of judicial decisions.


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