Cour de cassation 2030

The Study Committee on the Court of cassation in 2030 has submitted its Report.

37 recommendations suggest many evolutions, which could nurture a wide public debate, particularly in the context of the upcoming “States-General of Justice”.

This report is the result of an initiative of the First President and the Prosecutor-General to organize a broad reflection on the future of the Court of cassation. To this end, they convened a committee of twelve members, with diverse professional backgrounds, with the task of analyzing the Court’s increased role in a constantly evolving world, and then making recommendations, thereby strengthening the consistency and legitimacy of this action.

It will be up to the heads of the Court of cassation to assess the 37 recommendations of the report in order to choose which ones they will adopt and how they will implement them, either immediately or progressively, depending on whether they require legislative and budgetary reforms.

Read the overview of the report

Download the full report (in french)

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